Mike Humes

Mike Humes is from Washington, DC and grew up having big dreams.  He developed a strong work ethic early in his life as a letter carrier for the United States Postal Service.  After several failed attempts at pursuing his entrepreneurial dreams, Mr. Humes discovered LegalShield. He committed to showing up at events to grow his business even in his postal uniform. Mr. Humes worked his LegalShield business diligently, all while working 65 to 70 hours/week delivering mail.

As time went on, his income grew and at the age of 26, Mr. Humes retired from the USPS.  Just one year later, he earned the prestigious six-figure ring.  Mike Humes’ “big dreams” were coming true and at the age of 31, he became one of the youngest members of the Millionaire’s Club!  He now graces the pages of magazines he used to deliver as a letter carrier.
Mr. Humes is also a giver.  He says: “Giving is what I enjoy most about my success in LegalShield.” He loves to shower those less fortunate with the simple things in life.  Mr. Humes along with Mr. Self, started a non-profit organization, A Fertile Ground.  After seeing the horrors of the devastating earthquake in Haiti in 2010, they were able to quickly get much needed funds to those most affected, including an orphanage with 73 children and staff members.

Mr. Humes attributes much of his success to his best friends and mentors Mr. and Mrs. Self.  He now has more freedom than he ever dreamed of. Mr. Humes enjoys those special “daddy” moments with his daughter Mikayla.

Mr. Humes currently resides in Maryland.