Since September 1998 Team NuVision (TNV), using LegalShield as a vehicle, has been an empowering force in the financial transformation of its 300,000+ team members. With a unified motto of Faith, Family, and Finance; Team NuVision’s mission to uncover the seed of greatness that allows ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results has been truly effective.

Team NuVision’s members stretch across the United States and Canada. We are proud of such a diverse group who have taken on the responsibility to revolutionize the legal system and level the legal playing field. Our simplistic and duplicable approach to doing business has allowed us to create a multitude of authentic success stories from bus drivers to business owners and from GED’s to PhD’s. These success stories are a direct result of our mission to protect families across North America with our services; millions of people are relying on us to fulfill this purpose. With a rare and unique business culture, cooperative marketing strategies, competitively advantaged products, and impeccable leadership… TNV is prepared and equipped to take on the MOMENTUM CHALLENGE of making the world a better place!

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