Alistair Edwards

Mr. Edwards is from Kennesaw, Georgia. He started his career path in the retail grocery business and was blessed to climb the corporate ladder to a six figure income; however, he was missing out on his own personal freedom. In 2004 he was introduced to LegalShield by a friend, Mr. Ron Green, who begged him to attend a LegalShield meeting, and with much hesitation he did.

Mr. Edwards was used to a strong work ethic.  He dedicated his time and energy to build his LegalShield business with very limited time availability… he even gave up his cherished golfing time to build his business. In just 8 short months, he reached one of the top positions with LegalShield, and just four short years later he earned his six-figure ring.

Mr. Edwards attributes his success to prayer and uses this vehicle to help others change their family’s financial future.  One of his greatest joys was helping two other families achieve the six-figure ring:  Mr. John Abrams & family and Mrs. Nakeeta Tucker & family. His goal is to be blessed to be a blessing until all families are blessed.

Mr. Edwards is married with three children and resides in Atlanta, Georgia.