Danny and Katherine Katoa

Mr. Danny Katoa was born and raised on the friendly island of Tonga. While in college at the University of Hawaii he played football. However, his heart lead him to be a school counselor. He knew he was worth more than the salary he was earning.  When Mr. Katoa saw the LegalShield opportunity, he understood the value right away.

Mr. Katoa’s first two years in LegalShield were quite challenging. He was literally on an island…far away from his mentors, leaders, and business colleagues. However, Danny and Katherine Katoa did not give in nor give up! During their 3rd year, the Katoa family eclipsed the six-figure mark, and just 5yrs after later, they were inducted into the Millionaire’s Club.

Mr. Katoa often says, “success is when you can create value for yourself, but significance is when you can add value to other people’s lives.” Mr. Katoa is driven to be an example for the Polynesian community and anyone else who refuses to spend their lives trying to get out of a “box” they didn’t belong in to begin with.

Danny and Katherine Katoa along with their two sons, Sosaia and Kimo, make their home on the beautiful Island of O’ahu.