Bert Calhoun and Fatima Salaam

Bert Calhoun and Fatima Salaam are blessed to be an integral part of Team NuVision. Mr. Calhoun attended Howard University and then went on to have a successful career in civil engineering, specializing in waste water management. Mrs. Salaam attended Spelman College and then went on to become a Teacher and Principal overseas and in the United States.

Mr. Calhoun was introduced to LegalShield by Darnell Self in 2000.  He rapidly experienced success, matching his full time salary on a part time basis; consequently, he walked away from his engineering career in only one year!
Due to their commitment and success in LegalShield, the Calhoun’s have been able to focus on turning their vision and mission into reality. Mr. Calhoun started a non-profit called MP3 in 2011, which is a mentoring program for African American boys. Mrs. Salaam started a company called Go Women Global in 2014, which helps women achieve personal and professional success.

They are the proud parents of five children and reside in Atlanta, GA.