Nakeeta Tucker

Mrs. Tucker spent her early years as a successful real estate agent enjoying a six-figure income lifestyle. However, this career was short lived when the new home market in the Atlanta area took a serious economic hit and her income dwindled rapidly.

In 2009 her real estate partner introduced her to LegalSheild and she admits, after hearing about it one time, she signed up.  After seeing a local presentation with real-life testimonies, she said: “I can do this” and saw this as a vehicle to produce supplemental income.  Mrs. Tucker says that LegalShield allows her to attend every special event in her daughter’s life. She’s achieved Platinum Executive Director and became Team NuVision’s 50th Ring Earner, which was a personal goal of hers in 2015. She attributes her success to her mentor Mr. Alistair Edwards and Team NuVision for the leadership and guidance that she’s received over the years.

Mrs. Tucker currently resides in Atlanta with her husband Shawn and their daughter Mackenzie.