Lynda Gray

For 20 years Ms. Gray worked in private industry and found herself a victim of a lay off twice through no fault of her own and decided not to get another job.  However, Ms. Gray decided to do something different and that’s when network marketing entered the picture. Prior to LegalShield, Ms. Gray had been with 4 other home-based businesses and after reviewing this exciting company, she knew this was a fit for her future.

LegalShield has allowed her to dream again. Ms. Gray has been able to accomplish in a short time working from home with LegalShield what she wasn’t able to accomplish in the 20+ years working  full-time, time in a half, double time and weekends in her previous career.

LegalShield has given Ms. Gray the opportunity to purchase her first home – prior that that she and her family had always lived in an apartment.

Ms. Gray is the mother of two sons: Allan and Michael as well as three grandchildren: Christian, Faith and Caleb.

Ms. Gray says: “I am living in the Faith Zone and I know without a doubt that the best is yet to come.”  She’s always looking forward to helping and serving the masses and has no desire to just take up space, she wants to make a difference.

Lynda Gray resides in Maryland.