Dave and Gina Spangler

Dave Spangler is a native of one of America’s most beautiful “small towns” Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Having spent his early years working for corporate America after high school and a year in college, he realized that neither of these were for him. So he joined his brother in the successful family business that their father started; however, he then realized he lacked two things: freedom and residual income.

One day a family member, “Sally,” shared with him a “Success Magazine.” Dave read that same magazine for a solid week and he realized that the services being offered made sense. He notes that having invested over $100,000 into the family business, the $249 investment to represent LegalShield was what he considered “low-risk” with high-return potential. God answered his prayers and brought LegalShield right to his doorstep.  He thanks Sally for sharing that one magazine.

In 2007, he started building his LegalShield business and within 18 months, his income nearly tripled and in 2009, he was able to sell his share of the family business back to his brother. His major goal was to become a $100,000 Ring Earner by his five-year anniversary. Mr. Spangler attributes his success to the support of others who were already in LegalSheild and the leadership and motivation of the TNV family.

The Spangler’s and their four children still reside in the quiet countryside of Lancaster, PA.