James & Kennetha Kelly

100K, Barber/Stylist/Owners, Kentucky
An amazing thing happened on August 31, 2003. LegalShield found us! At that time, my friend—who’s now my wife—and I owned and operated a barber shop and hair salon. Owning a small business was incredibly fulfilling! That was until we began to feel as though our small businesses owned us. We’ve always known that God had predestined us to be great, but greatness can only be accomplished through service to many. LegalShield has been our very own vehicle to realize the greatness that lies within us. Following the system and “getting in the trenches” with our sponsor, Jermaine McAdory, allowed us to earn enough money to pay the closing costs for our very first home. We then began to write the “NuVision” for our faith, our family and our finances! We thank God for the leadership we have been blessed with in Team NuVision and throughout this amazing company, so many that we couldn’t even begin to name them all. Our lives have been enriched by our sensational organization that continues to inspire and motivate us with their passion for furthering this movement. We would also like to thank our families and our children—Jordan, Jalen, J’adore and Jabriel—for being so supportive of our goals and dreams.