Kennetha Kelly

Kennetha Kelly is a former salon owner and hairstylist, who loves helping people feel amazing from the inside out.  She and her husband James Kelly joined LegalSheild and after only one year of working within Team NuVision’s proven success system, she retired from the hair industry. Currently an empowered mom and top Executive within the world of LegalShield, Kennetha believes greatness can only be accomplished through the service of many. Because of dedication, production and organizational growth, LegalShield appointed Kennetha and James to the positions of Regional Manager and eventually Regional Vice president for her residing state, Kentucky.

Kennetha lives her life in her purpose and is dedicated to leading young people and helping them find their purpose through the love of God she shares with them in Word and song. With her variety of talents, she has assisted at many TNV events.

Serving as TNV’s Testimonials Coordinator, she is the true FAITH behind: Faith, Family and Finance. Kennetha spends her time reviewing TNV’s electronic correspondence “Send us your Success Story” which is a platform for those to share how LegalShield services have benefitted their families and given them a peace of mind.  Kennetha spends her time helping to groom and prepare others on how to respond to testimonials. She does so in her own way with encouraging words, inspiration from the heart, her love for Legalshield and keeping the team upbeat, steadfast and focused.

The Kelly’s reside with their children Jordan, Jalen, J’adore and Jabriel in Louisville, KY.