Ted Ma

Ted Ma was introduced to LegalShield while attending San Francisco State University where he was named Entrepreneurship Student of the Year as a result of his accomplishments with LegalShield hence earning himself a Bachelor’s Degree in the same field. After graduating, he worked in outside sales for a Fortune 500 company. He realized that he would never become financially independent, control his own time or live the lifestyle he desired by working for someone else and trading time for money.

Thanks to LegalShield, he walked away from his job in his mid-20’s and has been working his business full time from home for the past 10 years. With hard work, dedication, and the efforts of his team, Mr. Ma has reached Platinum Executive Director & became Team Nuvision’s 52nd Ring Earner.

Mr. Ma attributes his success to the personal development and positive associations provided by Team NuVision and LegalShield. He is a firm believer in Jim Rohn’s philosophy that “success is something you attract by the person you become”.

Mr. Ma currently resides in Point Richmond, CA.